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Grid Computing: the Next Decade
4th - 6th January 2012, Zakopane, Poland


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GridLab Testbed All GridLab technologies fit into the GridLab architecture which defines a cleanly layered environment. On the highest layer (called User Space) there is GAT (Application oriented high level API to complex and dynamic Grid Environments) and GridSphere (Grid-Portal development framework). The Middleware layer (called Capability Space) covers the whole range of Grid capabilities as required by applications, users and administrators, such as: GRMS (Grid Resource Management and Brokering Service), Data Access and Management (Grid Services for data management and access), GAS (Grid Authorization Service), iGrid (GridLab Information Services), Delphoi (Grid Network Monitoring & Performance Prediction Service), Mercury (Grid Monitoring infrastructure), Visualization (Grid Data and Visualization Services), Mobile Services (Grid Services supporting wireless technologies). GridLab technologies help real end-users to develop and run their grid-enabled applications. We have been testing our solutions with Cactus (Framework for scientific numerical simulations) and Triana (Visual workflow-oriented data analysis environment).

GridLab Testbed The GridLab Testbed is a Pan-European distributed infrastructure which consists of heterogeneous machines from various academic and research institutions (see its current status). It has been established as a result of collaboration of all GridLab participants and partners in order to provide a real robust grid environment. All our middleware services are deployed and tested on the GridLab Testbed every day (see more details). Moreover, useful statistics from daily software builds on our machines are also available (click here) together with a set of GridLab specific tests, such as matrix tests, functionality and usability of services, etc.

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Grid Computing: The Next Decade - Report and Summary

4-6th January 2012, Zakopane, Poland, Grid Computing: the Next Decade



GridLab: Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed is co-funded by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme (IST-2001-32133).
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